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Sync page performance improvements!

February 1, 2024

Simeon helps you scale your business by allowing you to manage dozens or hundreds of tenants with ease. It only makes sense that as your business grows, Simeon should scale with you! To make managing large numbers of tenants easier, we are pleased to introduce a more efficient and performant Sync page. The Sync page now loads tenant data asynchronously, meaning data is loaded as you see the tenants. This reduces loading times when using many tenants and lets you quickly get your work done.

If you prefer to load all tenant data at once, now you can! Simply use the Load all tenants toggle at the top right of the Sync page. This loads all tenant data and enables the ability to sort by different columns.

Platform Updates:

  • Simeon recently released an update that requires you to approve a change to Service Principal Authentication for all tenants. To ensure you receive the latest Simeon updates and to continue to Sync without issue, you must approve all tenants pending approval for this change as soon as possible. For information about this change, including what action you need to take, please see our FAQ here. If you have any questions, please reach out to support@simeoncoud.com.
  • Due to recent updates to PowerShell and MSGraph providers, you may see configurations being added or removed on Export. These changes are expected and can be disregarded. These configurations include:
  • Intune > Apps
  • Intune > Devices > Configuration profiles
  • Office 365 > Security & Compliance > DLP sensitive information types
  • Office 365 > Exchange > AdminAuditLogConfig
  • Office 365 > Exchange > CAS mailbox plan

Fixes and Improvements: The Simeon team is always hard at work for you!

  • [Improvement] Improved handling of Device Configuration Policies
  • [Improvement] Improved the auto-refresh behavior of the Sync page to reduce the number of API calls made when a tenant is Idle
  • [Improvement] On Reconcile, property-level notes are now visible when comparing a tenant to a baseline
  • [Fix] Addressed an issue where Syncing Group Policy Configurations without presentationValues could result in an error
  • [Fix] Deploying Windows Feature Update Profiles can fail when updating the property installLatestWindows10OnWindows11IneligibleDevice
  • [Fix] Prevented an issue when attempting to remove a Teams Meeting Policy that has assignments
  • [Fix] Addressed an issue where Syncing Group Policy Configurations with empty
  • [Fix] Prevented an issue when Syncing a user while an on-premises sync is
  • [Fix] Improved handling of the Auto Expanding Archive parameter of Organization Config to prevent issues
  • [Fix] The Simeon Cloud Sync service principal is no longer assigned Exchange Online Administrator and Security and Compliance Administrator roles at install time
  • [Fix] Addressed an issue where the Sync would not export the properties logo and categories of iOS and iPadOS applications

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