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Meet the Architects: The Team Behind Simeon Cloud's Innovation

Our Story

As businesses around the globe began migrating to Microsoft 365 for their data, collaboration, and productivity tools, they needed to ensure consistency across their environments. That meant hundreds of engineering hours to manually establish and maintain configurations.

They needed a new solution.

Simeon Cloud is that solution. We began with the simple idea that every engineering hour that could be automated could be saved for something more important.  By eliminating up to 75% of manual configuration work, Simeon Cloud empowers clients to reallocate valuable engineering resources while improving security.

Our Leaders

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Jeff Nevins
Chief Executive Officer
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Josh Wittman
Chief Operating Officer
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David Nevins
Chief Customer Officer

Join Us

We’re always looking for passionate, strategic thinkers to join our mission to transform the tech industry through automation. At Simeon Cloud, you’ll find an energetic and strategic team working together to shape the future of our company and the tech industry.