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The only single pane of glass for unified configuration, governance, and lifecycle management for Microsoft 365.

Configuration as code & CI/CD

Out out-of-the-box implementation of configuration as code and DevOps with a no code UI automates essential management tasks. We help organizations operate more efficiently and securely in the cloud with the only configuration lifecycle management solution for Microsoft 365 and Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) infrastructure.
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Backup & Restore

Back up environment configurations daily. Compare configurations with a point in time. Restore configurations to a known good state or granularly.

Security and Compliance

Use policy-as-code to close security gaps. Implement baselines and get ongoing drift detection. Effortlessly realign configurations to the desired state.

Monitoring & Reporting

Single pane of glass reporting tracks changes made to configurations. Generate documentation for audit and change management. Get alerted when configurations change.

Lifecycle Management

Deploy replica non-production environments and keep them in sync with production. Automate approval workflows to move configurations between environments.

Multi-Tenant Management

Align configurations to achieve consistency. Deploy changes centrally. Track and alert deviations in environments.

Application Packaging

Manage the lifecycles of Intune application packages. Update and deploy new versions via automation. Deploy application packages between tenants and in bulk.

Control. Trust. Transparency.

“Simeon Cloud is a critical component of our Modern Digital Workplace and endpoint management programs. The Simeon platform enables essential governance for our Microsoft 365 environment. Since implementing Simeon, our team has reduced the time spent managing endpoint configurations and building Intune application packages by an order of magnitude. The automation we achieved and efficiency we have gained has enabled us to reallocate a team of engineers to focus on delivering new value rather than maintaining our M365 infrastructure.”
Eric Levin, CTO, GCM Grosvenor

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