Multi-tenant Microsoft 365 configuration platform for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Enterprise IT.

Microsoft 365


Cross-Tenant Portability

Simeon uses Configuration as Code to create reproducible, deployable Microsoft environments. Whether you already have a golden tenant configured or choose to use ours, clone a tenant’s configurations and deploy them to another tenant in minutes, saving time, and ensuring consistency. Explore Golden Tenant >>

Layered Configurations

Simeon makes it easy to save layers of tenant configurations. Add or change configurations centrally and have them synced to all your tenants, helping avoid mistakes and saving time. With Simeon, you can be sure that tenant configurations are always consistent. Explore Multi-Tenant Configuration >>

Point in Time Restore

Simeon connects to Azure AD, Intune, and Office 365 and saves a daily snapshot of all configurations, settings, and applications. Get notified immediately when a change is detected in your tenant and restore it to a previously saved state when things go wrong. You can rely on our monitoring and roll-back capabilities to achieve desired state management. Explore Backup & Restore >>

Simeon Automation Suite
Configure and Sync all of your M365 tenants in one dashboard

Baseline Management
Automate with Simeon's intuitive configuration workflow

Office 365


Azure AD


Tenant-specific configurations that apply to specific tenants

User Settings
Group Settings
Device Settings
Conditional Access Policies
Multi-Factor Authentication
Self-Service Password Reset
Groups Provisioning
Service Account Provisioning

Windows Updates
Mobile App Configurations
Protection Policies
Device Compliance Policies
Alerting & Reporting Policies
Scripts for Windows Devices
Apps for Windows Devices

Audit Policies
Email Configurations

Documents Security

Compliance Policies
Retention Policies

Teams Configurations

OneDrive Configurations
Chat Configurations

Define & Store

Common configurations that apply to all tenants


Alert & Report

Backup & Restore

Common and tenant-specific configurations to one or all tenants with a single click

Tenant configuration changes with daily emails

Daily backup of configurations with roll-back to desired state 


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