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Automate Microsoft 365 Configurations

End-to-end cloud configuration solution for essential governance, multi-tenant management, and automation.

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Backup & Restore

Restore entire environments to a known good state or restore individual configurations.

Security & Compliance

Introduce a standard for the configurations in your environment and programmatically report and remediate deviations.

Monitoring & Reporting

Ongoing drift detection and documentation of historical changes made to configurations.

Lifecycle Management

Create replica non-production environments and promote changes seamlessly.

Multi-Tenant Management

Establish and maintain baseline configurations for multiple Microsoft 365 environments.

Application Packaging

Reuse, edit, and deploy Intune application packages between tenants or to multiple tenants in bulk.

Automated Provisioning

Deploy entire Microsoft 365 environments in a single click.

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Microsoft 365 Configurations Automated

Supported Configurations
Application access policies
Availability address spaces
Availability config
CAS mailbox plan
Client access rules
DomainKeys identified mail signing config
Dynamic Distribution Groups
Email address policies
Inbound connectors
Inbound IntraOrganizationConnectors
Journal Rules
Mail flow
Accepted Domains
Remote Domains
Mobile device access
Device Access Rules
Modern authentication
On-Premises Organizations
Organization Relationship
Outbound connectors
Outlook Web App policies
Partner Applications
Role Assignment Policies
Transport Rules
Security & Compliance
Audit configuration policy
Case hold policies
Case hold rules
Compliance cases
Content search actions
Content searches
Device conditional access policies
Device configuration policies
DLP compliance policies
DLP senstitive information types
File plan property authorities
File plan property categories
File plan property citations
File plan property departments
File plan property reference ids
File plan property reference sub categories
Hosted connection filter policies
Hosted content filter policies
Hosted content filter rules
Hosted outbound spam filter policies
Hosted outbound spam filter rules
Information governance
Compliance Retention Event Types
Label Policy
Threat management
ATP Anti-Phishing
ATP Safe Attachments
ATP Safe Links
Global Settings
Quarantine Policies
Permission policies
Meeting policies
Meeting settings
Messaging policies
Org-wide settings
Teams settings
Calling policies
Supported Configurations
App registrations
Company branding
Custom domain names
Device settings
Diagnostic settings
Directory settings
Enterprise applications
User settings
External user directory settings
External user guest settings
Group settings
Mobility (MDM and MAM)
Password reset
Conditional Access
Named Locations
Identity Protection
User settings
Supported Configurations
App configuration policies
App protection policies (Platform = Android)
App protection policies (Platform = iOS/iPadOS)
App protection policies (Platform = Windows 10)
Diagnostic settings
Endpoint security
Mobile Threat Defense
Policy Sets
Compliance policies
Compliance policy settings
Configuration profiles
Configuration profiles (Profile Type = Administrative Templates)
Configuration profiles (Settings Catalog)
Device clean-up rules
Enrollment restrictions
Windows Autopilot deployment profiles
Quality updates for Windows 10 and later
Feature updates for Windows 10 and later
Endpoint analytics
Proactive Remediations
Tenant administration
Supported Configurations
Resource groups

An automated solution for everyone

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Improve security
Ensure compliance
Increase efficiency
Maintain continuity
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Scale fast
Guarantee consistency
Automate manual work
Enhance protection
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We’ve saved businesses
thousands of engineering hours

"Simeon Cloud has become a mission-critical partner that enables us to implement our Zero-Trust cybersecurity strategy at scale. We have invested heavily into Simeon’s platform, and we use it to roll out Microsoft 365 to all of our new clients."
Oscar Rodriguez, CEO, Aegis Innovators
“Simeon Cloud is a critical component of our Modern Digital Workplace and endpoint management programs. The Simeon platform enables essential governance for our Microsoft 365 environment. Since implementing Simeon, our team has reduced the time spent managing endpoint configurations and building Intune application packages by an order of magnitude. The automation we achieved and efficiency we have gained has enabled us to reallocate a team of engineers to focus on delivering new value rather than maintaining our M365 infrastructure.”
Eric Levin, CTO, GCM Grosvenor
“Our team would spend countless hours to upkeep and to ensure Microsoft 365 configuration consistencies across all our customers and still, there are gaps everywhere. Thanks to Simeon, we can now focus on providing white glove customer service."
Chee Lam, CEO, Deskflix

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