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Audit, Backup,
& Restore

Like CTRL+Z for your tenant configurations

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Your single source of truth

Improve compliance and business continuity with daily backups and change reporting. Our user interface allows you to easily compare your tenant with a previous point in time and restore configurations. Ever wondered who made a change, when, and why? Simeon tracks important details so you can take action quickly and keep your IT optimized.

Impact across your

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Business Continuity
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What our customers say

"Simeon has given us full strategic control over all our regulatory fiduciary and machine learning environments which provides much-needed informational governance."
Glenn Hann, CIO, Starmark Financial

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Simeon Cloud can do

Lifecycle Management

Create replica non-production environments and promote changes seamlessly.

Multi-Tenant Management

Establish and maintain baseline configurations for multiple environments.

Monitoring and Reporting

Ongoing drift detection and documentation of historical changes made to configurations.

Automated Provisioning

Deploy entire Microsoft 365 environments in a single click.


Configuration baselines and best practices enhance security.

Application Packaging

Reuse, edit, and deploy Intune application packages between tenants or to multiple tenants in bulk.