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Simeon Cloud Release Notes - Exportable Reports

August 16, 2021

Simeon Product Update 08.16.21 - Exportable Reports

The team at Simeon Cloud is so excited to share our latest platform update with you.

Insightful Reporting On Command

Now you can generate Health Check reports right from our UI and provide even more value to your clients in just a few button clicks.

Export Report

Get The Report and Share The Insights

  • Generate: Head to Reconcile, choose your tenant, and click Export a Report.
  • White Label: Upload your own logo and contact details for the report's branding.
  • Choose Level of Detail: Optionally include conflicting properties and values.
  • Insightful Comparisons: Show how a tenant's configuration compares to the baseline in Tenant Specific, Available, Conflicting, and Matching.
  • Repeatable TouchPoints: Regularly show clients updated, timely reports that account for tenant drift and/or changes to your baseline.
  • Drive Strategic Conversations: Use the insights to create a roadmap to remediate security best practices and vulnerabilities.

Other News

The team at Simeon is hard at work building support for more Office 365 configurations, Defender for Endpoint, Microsoft Security Center, Windows Virtual Desktop, as well as enhanced workflows and dashboards.

Thanks for Reading

Let us know how we can make these updates and our platform better. And remember, you can always share feedback by emailing us.