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Simeon Cloud Release Notes - Compliance Notifications & View in Portal

July 2, 2021

Simeon Release Notes 07.02.21 - Compliance Notifications & View in Portal

We are adding support for additional configurations and we made it easier to navigate to the right screen in the Microsoft portals.

What's New

  • We are launching support for Endpoint Compliance policy settings, notifications, and locations, as well as Intune Device clean-up rules and Proactive Remediations
  • Say goodbye to searching through the different portals for a configuration! Our new feature - View in Portal - will allow you to seamlessly navigate from Simeon to the Azure portal for any configuration. Simply click View and you will be navigated to that configuration in the corresponding portal.

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We are releasing both new features in preview. If you are excited about either of these features and want early access, please contact support@simeoncloud.com.