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Simeon Cloud Release Notes - Bulk Reconcile, Secure Score, Simeon Search

May 11, 2021

Simeon Release Notes 05.11.21 - Bulk Reconcile, Secure Score, Simeon Search

We enabled users to Reconcile tenants in bulk, easily search tenant configurations, and achieve a high Microsoft Secure Score with the Simeon Baseline.

What's New

  • You can now apply and exclude configurations from your tenants in bulk by using the new Apply to and Exclude from feature. To apply configurations to multiple tenants, Reconcile your baseline, click Apply to, select the desired tenants, and click OK. Be sure to read the warning messages to make sure you receive the intended outcome!

  • Simeon Search! When Reconciling tenants, you can now search your tenant configuration data by using the search bar. Not only does this search the name but it also searches the contents of your configurations. For example, you can search for a group and see all of the configurations that reference that group!

  • Boost your Microsoft Secure Score with the Simeon Baseline! We have updated our baseline to achieve a ~95% Azure AD Identity Secure Score. Please email support@simeoncloud.com if you would like to receive the new baseline.

  • Users will no longer be able to delete certain global settings from their tenants using Reconcile, such as Password Reset Policy. These configurations will be greyed out in Reconcile, but you can still modify them in the Microsoft portal.