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Simeon Cloud Release Notes - Tenant Diff

January 24, 2022

Release Notes 01.24.22 - Tenant Diff

The Simeon Team is excited to announce Tenant Diff - we now support comparing any two tenants.

Platform enhancements pave the way to new possibilities

We have released a major upgrade that makes the platform more powerful and flexible, empowering you with more automation, compliance, and management capabilities. You can now compare and reconcile your tenant against previous versions of itself on the Reconcile screen, allowing you to restore configurations on a granular level.

You can now compare and reconcile your baseline against new versions of the Simeon Baseline, enabling you to pick and choose the updates you wish to implement.

You can now share baselines with other organizations, enabling you to collaborate with colleagues in powerful new ways.

You can now compare and reconcile any two tenants, including from other orgs, allowing you to build your ideal baseline from multiple reference tenant configs.

How to use Tenant Diff

On the Reconcile screen, select a tenant or enter a repository URL- its normal baseline is populated automatically.

Click the Advanced Settings arrow. Under Using Baseline, choose from your available organizations or External Baseline to reconcile against versions of the Simeon Baseline or other external baselines.

Select a tenant from the organization or type in a repository URL.

To reconcile a tenant against a previous version of itself, under Using Baseline, select the same tenant, then choose from available restore points.

Looking ahead

This release establishes new core infrastructure that leads to supporting multiple baselines per tenant. We will be rolling out multiple baseline functionality over the coming months, along with robust Power BI-based compliance reporting.

Thanks for reading

Let us know how we can make these updates and our platform better by emailing us.  

Thank You,
Team Simeon