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Simeon Cloud Product Update - Delegated Authentication & More O365 Support

September 20, 2021

Simeon Product Update 09.20.21 - Delegated Authentication & More O365 Support

We are excited to share our latest platform updates with you.

Run Simeon Using Delegated Authentication

You can now run Simeon in a tenant as a user of your choosing! If you would prefer not to run Simeon with a dedicated service account, you can switch to Delegated Authentication by following these instructions.

New Office 365 Configurations

We are launching support for an array of new Office 365 configurations listed below. If you want early access to these new features, please contact support@simeoncloud.com.

- Office 365
 - Exchange
   - AddressBookPolicy
   - AddressList
   - Application access policies
   - Availability address spaces
   - Availability config
   - CAS mailbox plan
   - Client access rules
   - DomainKeys identified mail signing config
   - Email address policies
   - GlobalAddressList
   - Inbound connectors
   - Modern authentication
   - Mail flow
     - Accepted Domains
   - Mobile device access
     - Device Access Rules
   - OfflineAddressBook
 - Security & Compliance
   - Audit configuration policy
   - Case hold policies
   - Case hold rules
   - Compliance cases
   - ComplianceTags
   - Content search actions
   - Content searches
   - Device conditional access policies
   - Device configuration policies
   - DLP compliance policies
   - DLP compliance rules
   - File plan property authorities
   - File plan property categories
   - File plan property citations
   - File plan property departments
   - Hosted connection filter policies
   - Hosted content filter policies
   - Hosted content filter rules
   - Hosted outbound spam filter policies
   - Hosted outbound spam filter rules
   - Threat management
     - Policy
       - ATP Anti-Phishing
       - ATP Safe Attachments
       - ATP Safe Links
       - Global Settings

Thanks for Reading

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