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Introducing Sync Settings, Change The Sync Schedule, And More!

September 21, 2023

We are excited to announce a refresh of our Sync page, which includes an all-new Sync Settings option! Using Sync Settings, you can easily adjust the daily Sync schedule for each of your tenants. Every day, Simeon will run a scheduled Sync, which is important to ensure you have a current backup and to notify you of any changes detected in your tenants. Now you can easily change this schedule right from the Sync page! To do this, navigate to Sync > click the Settings icon on the right > click on the current schedule to edit > select the desired time > SAVE. The Sync schedule will run in your local time.

In addition to individual Sync settings, you can also edit settings for all of your Syncs in bulk! To do this, select each tenant you would like to manage settings for by selecting the checkboxes on the left > Manage Settings > follow the procedure above to change the daily Sync schedule.

Currently, Sync Settings allows you to change the daily Sync schedule; however, we are not stopping there! Coming soon, users will be able to change the default Sync time for their Simeon organization, apply a Sync time when installing a tenant, and more! Stay tuned for updates.

Platform Updates:

  • On the Sync page, the Sync Status now displays in green when Idle to more clearly convey that the previous Sync was successful.
  • Due to restrictions from Microsoft, Mobile App Store applications can only be updated to change the configuration assignments. To reduce confusion and improve support for these types of applications, Simeon will now only export the assignments property. You may see other properties being removed on export. These changes are expected and can be disregarded.
  • When a configuration is skipped during a Sync, Simeon will no longer delete the configuration file from the repository. Now, skipped or excluded configurations will be labeled with a skipped flag in the repository and on Reconcile:
skipped configuration tag

Sync new configuration types, available now!

  • Intune > Endpoint Security > Firewall > Reusable Settings
  • Intune > Tenant administration > Roles > Scope Tags

Fixes and Improvements: The Simeon team is always hard at work for you

  • [Improvement] The tenant name as known by Microsoft can now be used as the variable OnMicrosoftTenantName
  • [Improvement] Browser stability has been improved when loading encoded content on Reconcile
  • [Improvement] When a user running a Sync does not have permission to access an Azure subscription, configurations associated with the subscription will be skipped
  • [Improvement] AADIam ExternalUserDirectorySettings will now use MSGraph authorizationPolicies
  • [Improvement] The configuration selector for tenants with more than 1,500 configurations will only show configuration types with the same name once
  • [Fix] Addressed an issue where duplicate accounts could appear in the directory selector
  • [Fix] To prevent issues with how Simeon handles repository files, users are now prevented from naming a tenant “baseline”
  • [Fix] Rapidly switching between tenants could cause an incorrect selection on the Install page
  • [Fix] Improved handling of OrganizationConfig when changing property values
  • [Fix] Addressed an issue where deploying changes to Teams Meeting Policy API could cause an error
  • [Fix] Ensure that comparing a tenant to itself on Reconcile shows the correct comparison
  • [Fix] Resolved an issue where changes to SharePoint and Device Management configurations could cause Syncs to pend approval continuously
  • [Fix] Improved handling for SharePoint Sites when updating the Default link permission value

Thanks for Reading

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Team Simeon