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Important changes coming to your Syncs!

October 19, 2023

In the coming weeks, Simeon will release a change to how we handle Service Principal Authentication. Currently, users can choose to install a tenant with Service Principal in addition to Delegated Authentication or Service Account. After this change, all tenants will install with Service Principal by default, and users will choose between Delegated Authentication and Service Account authentication for configuration types that do not support Service Principal. After this change is released, all existing tenants will pend approval to add a new service principal to the tenant. Syncs will continue to pend approval for this change until it is approved and the service principal is successfully deployed to the tenant.

Sync New Providers, coming soon!

  • Custom Security Attributes
  • Creating Domains

Fixes and Improvements: The Simeon team is always hard at work for you!

  • [Improvement] Improved stability when Syncing Exchange Online Providers
  • [Improvement] For tenants with more than 1,500 configurations, the configuration selector now saves your selections when navigating away from Reconcile
  • [Improvement] In order to prevent committing changes directly to the master branch, users can now create pull requests when staging changes on Reconcile
  • [Fix] Prevented an issue where Syncs could pend approval to update Organization Configuration property onPremisesLastPasswordSyncDateTime, which cannot be set
  • [Fix] Addressed an issue where Claims Mapping Policies would not support adding applications
  • [Fix] Resolved an issue where ATP Safe Attachments and Safe Links policies could not be deployed due to unreferenced dependencies

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