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Easily monitor changes across your tenants with Simeon!

October 26, 2023

Have you ever wished you could easily monitor all of your tenants for changes to specific configurations, or pinpoint when changes were made? With Simeon Cloud’s Power BI Reporting integration, you can do that and much more! Simeon includes a Summary of Detected Changes report with our Power BI integration that allows you to identify any change detected across your tenants.

Using the Summary of Detected Changes report, you can monitor your tenants to identify when configurations get added, changed, or removed from a tenant.

summary of detected changes

You can also use this report to identify periods of unusual or unexpected activity and investigate each change.

summary of detected changes

You can even look up specific configuration types to identify when a configuration was changed and restore it using Reconcile.

summary of detected changes

In addition to the Summary of Detected Changes report, Simeon provides a Baseline Compliance report to monitor each tenant’s compliance with its baseline. Need a more specific report? You can create your own custom reports as well! To get started with Power BI reporting, visit our documentation for step-by-step instructions.

Platform Updates:

In the coming weeks, Simeon will release a change to how we handle Service Principal Authentication. Currently, users can choose to install a tenant with Service Principal in addition to Delegated Authentication or Service Account. After this change, all tenants will install with Service Principal by default, and users will choose between Delegated Authentication and Service Account authentication for configuration types that do not support Service Principal. After this change is released, all tenants will pend approval to add a new service principal to the tenant. Syncs will continue to pend approval for this change until it is approved and the service principal is successfully deployed to the tenant.

Sync New Providers, Available Now!

  • M365 Admin Center > Settings > Org Settings > Security & Privacy > Idle Session Timeout

Fixes and Improvements: The Simeon team is always hard at work for you!

  • [Improvement] The SKIPPED badge on Reconcile now shows a tooltip to provide users with information on skipped configurations
  • [Improvement] After installing a tenant, the Simeon Cloud Installer enterprise application will be removed as it is no longer necessary
  • [Fix] Addressed an issue where the Sync directory would not get cleared before a Sync, causing issues for self-hosted agents
  • [Fix] Improved handling for MobileThreatDefenseConnectors when there are API instability issues
  • [Fix] Resolved an issue where exporting users could cause an invalid URI error in certain situations
  • [Fix] Ensure that service principals with long display names Sync successfully
  • [Fix] Syncing TransportRules could fail when Quarantine is the only action
  • [Fix] Prevented an issue where Protection Alerts could fail if the name has more than 64 characters

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