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Authenticate your Tenants with a Custom Service Principal!

February 16, 2024

When installing a tenant, you must decide how Simeon will authenticate into your tenant. To help you understand each option and select the best for your specific environment, we developed a guide to tenant authentication - available here. By default, Simeon requires a service principal and a user account to authenticate into a tenant. This service principal is used to facilitate tenant authentication and to manage supported configurations wherever possible. To provide you with the most customizable experience, we are pleased to announce that users can now authenticate their tenant with their own custom service principal! To get started, a few actions are required. First, you will need to create a service principal for your tenant. Don’t fret, we have a guide for that, too! When ready, navigate to the Simeon Application > Install > under Advanced Settings, select Use custom service principal. Paste the App ID of your Enterprise Application and the Secret Key of your App Registration in the fields provided > Install.

Announcing the next version of Simeon Cloud!

Simeon is pleased to announce that the next major version of our Simeon Cloud software is right around the corner! We have been working tirelessly to update our codebase to provide across-the-board efficiency gains, improve Sync performance, and introduce new features. This update will allow Simeon to build new and enhanced functionality, including the ability to edit configurations directly from the Simeon Application as well as bringing support for many more providers including Azure Infrastructure, Defender for Endpoint, and more! Look for more information regarding this release in Spring 2024.

  • If you are interested in early access to this release and would like to help us by testing this new version, please let us know by emailing support@simeoncloud.com.
  • To be eligible for our latest release of Simeon Cloud, each tenant must be using the updated Simeon Cloud Sync service principal. Simeon recently released an update that requires you to approve a change to Service Principal Authentication for all tenants. You must approve all tenants pending approval for this change as soon as possible. If you have tenants that need to be reauthenticated before approving this change, please do so as soon as possible. For information regarding this change, please see our FAQ.

Platform Updates:

  • Microsoft recently introduced a new property to Enterprise Applications called IsPrivate. This new property caused many Syncs to be pending approval to update or remove this property from the tenant. We have released handling for this issue, and it is now resolved. If you are continuing to see this issue, please reach out to support@simeoncloud.com.

Fixes and Improvements: The Simeon team is always hard at work for you!

  • [Improvement] Simeon now supports different read and write properties in Organization Config settings
  • [Improvement] Improved handling of WinGet Mobile Application assignment types
  • [Improvement] Reconcile now supports clients to run the newest Simeon update in preparation for this release
  • [Improvement] Simeon now supports clients to authenticate a tenant without a user account. Please note that doing so will significantly limit the number of supported configurations
  • [Improvement] For large tenants, Reconcile now loads all configuration types by default
  • [Improvement] Reconcile now loads data more efficiently, preventing browser slowdowns and crashes with very large tenants
  • [Fix] Resolved an issue where Syncs could error when deploying iOS apps with assignments in certain cases
  • [Fix] Prevented an issue where Sync system files could remain when retrying a Sync after an error
  • [Fix] Resolved an issue where Reconcile would not include configuration dependency files in some cases
  • [Fix] Resolved an issue where a Sync could error with an Internal CLR error
  • [Fix] Addressed an issue where very long file paths could cause errors when staging changes to the repository
  • [Fix] Improved handling when deploying Organization Configuration settings with property partnerTenantType
  • [Fix] Ensure Company Branding configurations do not get incorrectly skipped during a Sync
  • [Fix] Addressed an issue where Syncs may error when referencing SensitiveTypes in DLP Compliance Policies
  • [Fix] Ensure that the App Builder correctly saves logos for applications with a .msi extension
  • [Fix] When linking an Azure Subscription during tenant installation, a more informative error is thrown if the authenticating user does not have owner permission on the subscription
  • [Fix] Ensure the App Builder does not remove the application displayVersion property
  • [Fix] Ensure Simeon correctly exports files when the authenticating user has read-only access
  • [Fix] Resolved an issue where some tenants could encounter a System.OutOfMemoryException error on export

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