Every tenant. One solution.

End-to-end automation and multi-tenant management for MSPs.

Every minute saved is a minute you can focus on growth

Simeon Cloud frees up 75% of the time spent on configuration.
Multi-Tenant Consistency

Establish and maintain baseline configurations for multiple tenants. Intelligent deviation reporting and programmatic remediation. Deploy best practice updates to tenants in bulk.

Automated Provisioning

Deploy entire environments from existing configurations. Copy and move individual configurations between tenants. Deploy configurations centrally and eliminate manual errors.

Monitoring & Reporting

Programmatically document and track changes to configurations. Instantly compare an environment to best practices. Dashboards and emails flag drift.

Backup & Restore

Restore to the desired state with a single click. Tenant configurations backed-up daily. Reverse mistakes with simple reversions

Application Packaging

Easily create and manage Intune applications. Update and deploy new versions via automation. Deploy application packages to tenants in bulk


Close security gaps with enforced consistency. Deploy security-focused best practice configurations. Programmatically monitor and remediate drift.

Simplicity at scale

"Simeon Cloud has given me the ability to scale my offerings of Microsoft 365. With Simeon in my toolset, I can manage more clients in less time. Simeon also gives me more confidence since everything can be undone. No longer am I wondering, 'Am I going to break things?' or 'Did I miss a setting?'"
Christopher Conrad Brackett, Owner, Greater Nashua Technology Consulting LLC

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