Purpose-Built to Save MSPs Time and Money

Implement best practices to improve security.

Introduce configuration baselines to ensure consistency.

Deploy configurations as code to automate manual work.

Scale your business using automation to grow fast and profitably.

Multi-Tenant Configuration

Define a baseline configuration for tenants under Simeon management. Make one global update that deploys to all tenants, saving time and ensuring consistency. Similarly, store your Intune application packages as code and deploy them to tenants in bulk. Achieve an unprecedented level of scale with our multi-tenant configuration solution.

Version Control

Simeon tracks changes to your tenants' Office 365, Azure AD, and Intune configurations and creates a searchable inventory, a single source of truth. View historical changes to tenant configurations and restore your tenant to a point-in-time when things go wrong. You can rely on Simeon to achieve intelligent configuration source control.

Monitor and Report

Simeon connects to Azure AD, Intune, and Office 365 and monitors tenant configurations. Get notified by email when a change is detected in your tenant and use the information to eliminate drift. You can rely on our monitoring and reporting capabilities to achieve desired state configuration.

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Golden Tenant

Are you onboarding a new tenant? Let Simeon instantly deploy a security-focused best practice environment, capable of enrolling devices using Autopilot, managing devices using Intune, and providing secure access to Office 365. Skip the setup time, testing, and hassle. Get an expertly configured tenant with a 95% Microsoft Secure Score in minutes.

Intelligent Health Checks

Simeon connects to Office 365, Intune, and Azure AD, and instantly generates a comprehensive reporting of your tenant to present to clients. Simeon compares each tenant to your best practices configuration and empowers you to report on and manage the deviations to ensure consistency, compliance, and security.

Intune Application Packaging

Easily create custom Intune application packages with our user-friendly module, then store, manage, deploy, update and redeploy them centrally to one or many tenants in bulk. Use Simeon to save countless hours of work creating and managing Intune application packages. 

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