Microsoft's Choice: Premier Azure AD Authentication Solution for Multiple Tenants

Microsoft's Choice: Premier Azure AD Authentication Solution for Multiple Tenants

June 8, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Simeon Cloud has been featured in a recent official blog post by Microsoft, highlighting our service as a recommended solution for enforcing strong authentication methods across tenants. This recognition underscores our commitment to providing robust security and compliance capabilities to our valued customers.

In the blog post titled "Building Stronger Identity Solutions with New Microsoft Entra Integrations," Microsoft discusses how Azure AD's authentication strengths API enables customers to programmatically mandate strong authentication methods for specific users. By leveraging this API, Simeon Cloud empowers IT professionals to apply consistent Azure AD and Intune configurations to multiple tenants in bulk, streamlining security management and reducing risk.

At Simeon Cloud, we understand the importance of compliance and risk reduction. Our use of configuration as code empowers IT administrators to monitor and maintain custom conditional access authentication strength policies. With our seamless integration with Azure AD, customers can enforce strong authentication within their own product's user experience, ensuring a secure and reliable environment.

We are excited to be recognized by Microsoft and to continue providing innovative solutions that prioritize the security and compliance needs of our customers. Stay tuned for more updates and features as we strive to deliver cutting-edge cloud services tailored to your business requirements.

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