Scale Your Operations with Automated Microsoft 365 Configuration Management

What is Simeon?

Simeon Cloud is a tenant lifecycle management tool that empowers managed service providers and IT departments to automate manual work, ensure consistent and compliant configurations, actively monitor tenants, and improve security.


Why We Built Simeon

  • Configuring M365 takes too long and is error-prone

  • Inconsistent configurations lead to data breaches

  • 90% of configurations are the same across tenants

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Multi-tenant Configuration

90% of configurations across your tenants are identical, but you still need to configure them separately, leading to inconsistencies, security breaches, and wasted time. 

Simeon is your multi-tenant configuration tool.

  • Sync tenants with customizable baselines

  • Ensure consistent configuration at all times

  • Standardize tenant security and compliance

  • Provision new tenants in minutes

  • Deploy configurations across tenants in bulk

  • Monitor, report, and revert tenant drift

  • Improve security with the Simeon Baseline

M365 Lifecycle Management

Maintaining test and production environments requires repetitive and labor-intensive configuration work. Configuring and updating security best-practices requires time and expertise.

Simeon saves you time and improves security.

  • Cloud-native configuration-as-code solution

  • Move or copy configurations between tenants

  • Deploy tenants from customizable templates

  • Track the history of configuration changes

  • Auditability and searchability of tracked changes

  • Revert tenants to a point in time with source control

  • Eliminate thousands of hours of manual work

  • Improve security with the Simeon Baseline

IT Departments

Ease Your Burden. Improve Security. Automate Repetitive, Error-Prone Tasks.

The Simeon Sync Dashboard Supports 1-Click Multi-Tenant Deployments 

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