Modernize Your MSP with Multi-Tenant Microsoft 365 Configuration Management

What is Simeon?

Simeon is the first multi-tenant M365 platform that enables MSPs to centrally manage common configurations and deploy new environments in minutes. 

Why We Built Simeon

  • Maintaining client configurations takes too long

  • Inconsistent configurations lead to data breaches

  • Provisioning new clients takes too long

  • 90% of configurations can be commonly managed

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SMBs Have Consolidated Collaboration and Productivity Tools Under Microsoft 365

Intune has reached maturity in the RMM space, offering a comprehensive solution for managing personal, corporate, mobile, desktop, and laptop devices. You can now ship a laptop directly from the manufacturer and it will automatically configure itself when the user first signs in. 

Azure AD is now a first-class replacement for hosting on-premises Active Directory for businesses. And even if you still need to host your own Active Directory, integrating it with Azure AD means that your customers can use a single cloud-based identity to access applications.

Office 365 collaboration, productivity, and communication functionality with its suite of tools including OneDrive, SharePoint Online, and perhaps most importantly, Teams, has been fully adopted. Between these tools, most businesses have been able to replace their on-premises file servers.

New Pain Points Created for MSPs

The adoption of Microsoft’s services has led to a large amount of functionality and new configurations to manage. 90% of configurations across clients are identical, but you still need to configure each client separately, leading to wasted time, omissions, inconsistencies, or even neglect, exposing clients to security concerns.

Ease Your Burden. Improve Client Security. Automate Repetitive, Error-Prone Tasks.

  • Sync clients with baseline configurations 

  • Deploy configurations in bulk automatedly

  • Provision new environments in minutes 

  • Free up time to focus on growth

  • Improve security with best in class configurations 

  • Deploy security policies across clients seamlessly

  • Eliminate inconsistencies across clients

  • Deploy security updates to clients when released

The Simeon Sync Dashboard Supports 1-Click Multi-Tenant Deployments 

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