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Efficiency & Scale. Use automation to provision, share, monitor, restore, and orchestrate Microsoft 365 configurations.

Governance & Compliance. Introduce a consistent standard for the configurations in your environment.


Best Practices. Deploy industry-standard best practices configurations, the Simeon Baseline, out-of-the-box.

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Multi-tenant Configuration

90% of configurations across your tenants are identical, but you still need to configure them separately, leading to inconsistencies, security breaches, and wasted time. 


Centralize and automate tenant configuration​s.

  • Multi-tenant configuration deployments

  • Introduce a standard baseline configuration

  • Instantly compare tenants to your best practice

  • Ensure consistency across the tenant base

  • Configure Intune with Autopilot in minutes

  • Monitor, report, and revert tenant drift

  • Centrally manage and deploy Intune application packages to tenants in bulk

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Configuration Lifecycle Management

Leverage our extensible Configuration as Code platform for maintaining non-production and production environments and automating your Modern Digital Workplace using Microsoft 365. 

Get enterprise-grade infrastructure management.


  • Easily create non-production environments, and promote changes into production to achieve lifecycle management

  • Achieve transparency, consistency, and auditability of the state of your environment

  • Apply version control, track changes, and restore previous configurations

  • Rapidly deploy Intune, Azure AD, and Office 365 from industry-standard best practices

  • Empower non-developers to manage configuration as code with our friendly user interface

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