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Simeon Product Update - Sync more configuration types!

May 6, 2022

Simeon Product Update 5.6.22- Sync more configuration types!

New Microsoft 365 Configuration Types Supported

We have launched support for an array of Office 365, Azure AD, and Intune configuration types listed below! With this feature release, you can now sync these configuration types with your tenants. We will also be adding best-practice configurations to the Simeon Baseline for these configuration types soon. In the meantime, you can create your own configurations and templatize them using Simeon.

- Office 365 > Exchange > Dynamic Distribution Groups

- Office 365 > Security & Compliance > Threat management > Policy >Quarantine Policies

- Azure AD > Enterprise applications >User settings

- Intune >Policy Sets

- Intune > Devices >Quality updates for Windows 10 and later

- Intune > Devices >Feature updates for Windows 10 and later