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Search each tenant’s Sync history with Simeon!

September 7, 2023

Whenever a tenant Syncs, Simeon provides a detailed summary of each change. These Sync Summary reports are useful for understanding when something changes in the tenant or confirming changes deployed by Simeon. Simeon retains each of these reports, creating a comprehensive history for each of your tenants. To make this even more useful, you can search through all of the Sync Summaries to find the details of any change. To do this, navigate to Sync > select the Advanced Settings circle > select which reports you want to search > type the search term > select the date range > press Search.

Platform Updates:

Fixes and Improvements: The Simeon team is always working hard for you!

  • [Improvement] Configurations that are excluded from a tenant will only show “Excluded” in the Sync Summary when they are unchanged to avoid confusion
  • [Improvement] SharePoint sites removed through Simeon are now soft-deleted and can be recovered using the SharePoint Admin portal for the default retention period
  • [Fix] Addressed an issue where the Sync approval preview could fail to display all configuration changes
  • [Fix] Before running a Sync, the pipeline artifact directory is now cleared to avoid issues when using a self-hosted Azure DevOps agent
  • [Fix] Ensure that Conditional Access policies correctly resolve a Service Principal reference
  • [Fix] Bulk-approving Syncs will now show an appropriate message when a tenant is not pending approval
  • [Fix] Addressed an issue where Malware Filter Policy assignments were not added as dependencies on Reconcile
  • [Fix] Improved handling of localizedNotificationMessages when updating the NotificationMessageTemplates property

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