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Uninterrupted consistency means unbreakable security

Eliminate your greatest vulnerability
In cybersecurity, it’s doubly true: you’re only as strong as your weakest link. Simeon Cloud ensures that your best practices get enforced across every tenant to prevent hacks. From deployment to retirement, you’re in control with automated notifications and remediation that let you close a vulnerability before it’s an exposure. Deploy our Simeon Baseline and achieve a 95% Microsoft Secure Score. Mistakes eliminated and security achieved.
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What our customers say

“Simeon has become a mission-critical partner that enables us to implement our Zero-Trust cybersecurity strategy at scale.”
Oscar Rodriguez, CEO, Aegis Innovators

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Simeon Cloud can do

Lifecycle Management

Easily create non-production environments and promote changes into production.

Multi-tenant Consistency

Establish and maintain baseline configurations for multiple environments.

Monitoring and Reporting

One window to see and manage every configuration.

Automated Provisioning

Deploy entire environments with configurations that stay consistent.

Backup & Restore

Track changes, search, and quickly restore to a saved state.

Application Packaging

Simply deploy, update, and redeploy custom packages in bulk.