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Automated Provisioning

Deploy entire environments via automation for absolute consistency

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Maximum control means maximum trust
Automation gives your organization more power to do more of your best work in a more stable environment. With Simeon Cloud, entire Microsoft 365 environments can be created, moved, and copied between tenants. Consistency achieved and time saved.
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Impact across your

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What our customers say

“Simeon has given me the ability to scale my offerings of Microsoft 365. With Simeon in my toolset, I can manage more clients in less time.”
Christopher Conrad Brackett, Owner, Greater Nashua Technology Consulting LLC

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Simeon Cloud can do

Lifecycle Management

Easily create non-production environments and promote changes into production.

Multi-tenant Consistency

Establish and maintain baseline configurations for multiple environments.

Monitoring & Reporting

One window to see and manage every configuration.


Configuration baselines and best practices enhance security.

Backup & Restore

Track changes, search, and quickly restore to a saved state.

Application Packaging

Simply deploy, update, and redeploy custom packages in bulk.