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Easily create, deploy in bulk, and manage the lifecycle of Intune application packages

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Saving time shouldn’t
be this easy
Simeon Cloud gives you the power to reuse, edit, and deploy Intune applications in bulk. That’s not just a solution, it’s a lifesaver for organizations needing to save time and resources for their core initiatives. That’s every organization, transformed by one solution.
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What our customers say

"Since implementing Simeon, our team has reduced the time spent managing endpoint configurations and building Intune application packages by an order of magnitude. The automation we achieved and efficiency we have gained has enabled us to reallocate a team of engineers to focus on delivering new value rather than maintaining our M365 infrastructure.”
Eric Levin, CTO, GCM Grosvenor

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Simeon Cloud can do

Lifecycle Management

Easily create non-production environments and promote changes into production.

Multi-tenant Consistency

Establish and maintain baseline configurations for multiple environments.

Monitoring and Reporting

One window to see and manage every configuration.

Automated Provisioning

Deploy entire environments with configurations that stay consistent.


Configuration baselines and best practices enhance security.

Backup & Restore

Track changes, search, and quickly restore to a saved state.