Microsoft 365
Lifecycle Management

Introduce governance to improve security.

Generate documentation to ensure compliance.

Back up environments to promote business continuity.

Deploy non production environments to increase efficiency.

Configuration as Code Management
  • Easily create non-production environments and promote changes into production

  • Achieve transparency, consistency, and auditability of the state of your environment

  • Apply version control, track changes, and restore previous configurations

  • Rapidly deploy Intune, Azure AD, and Office 365 from industry-standard best practices

  • Empower non-developers to manage configuration as code with our friendly user interface

Simeon Baseline
  • Deploy Microsoft 365 best practices configurations focused on data loss prevention, device security, and secure authentication​

  • Intune with Autopilot out-of-the-box

  • Conditional access policies and identity protection out-of-the-box 

  • 95% Microsoft Secure Score out-of-the-box

Application Packaging
  • Easily create and manage Intune application packages with our user-friendly module

  • Update and redeploy new application versions

  • Deploy Intune application packages to multiple environments in bulk      

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Configuration Orchestration
  • Promote changes between non-production and production environments

  • Review and approve configuration changes before promoting to production

  • Quickly and correctly deploy new environments from existing configurations

  • Easily copy or move configurations between environments

  • Define a baseline layer of configurations that is synced to downstream environments

Version Control
  • Environment configurations synchronized and stored in code daily and on-demand

  • View historical configuration changes to your environments

  • Restore configurations to a point in time when mistakes occur

  • Quickly remediate business continuity disruptions when configurations break

 Monitoring and Reporting
  • Automatically document environment configurations

  • Instantly compare an environment’s configurations to best practice configurations

  • Search across all configurations centrally

  • Get notified of configuration changes

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